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Hua Hin Property Market.

The word Hua Hin means ‘rock head’ in the Thai language and refers to the rocks that are visible from its beach which is a seven-kilometer stretch, from Khao Takiap Mountains in the south.  Hua Hin property developers offer access to housing projects and land owners in the real estate industry, assisting buyers to find their choice of beachfront properties. Unlike the Samui and Phuket beaches that have been developed recently, Hua Hin has been a popular resort in Thailand since the past seventy years and still retains its charm and serenity. Further, Hua Hin houses the Royal Palace, which ensures safety in the entire area.

In the past, beach property in Hua Hin was reserved for the rich and famous, who built luxury beachfront homes along the beautiful bay to spend weekends and holidays. Hua Hin is an active fishing port even today and its tourist attraction combined with the Thai culture and charm keeps it respectable and lively. Investors can therefore rely on the tourism infrastructure to get best value for money, particularly by using their beachfront property for renting out as vacation resorts.

Beachfront condominiums allow foreign buyers to have ownership of condominium units through simple legalized packages. Qualified architects offer construction packages for designing a beachfront property, in accordance to the investors’ requirements. 


Hua Hin Property Market is Thriving   

Apart from the tranquil beach atmosphere, likeable climate and favorable living costs, beachfront properties in Hua Hin also provide access to plenty of dining places that offer exotic cuisines including Italian, Japanese and Scandinavian dining styles, and of course the traditional Thai cuisine. Though soaking in the tropical sun could be the ultimate experience, other activities such as kite boarding, horse riding and numerous water sports are available for the adventurous lot. All of the tourist activities are a great benefit for the beachfront property owners, who can utilize their property during peak tourist seasons.

Condominiums and villas on the beachfront in Hua Hin give panoramic views, overlooking lush green golf courses. Besides the pleasant beach, retirees, second-home buyers and investors who opt for beachfront property Hua Hin also have a real advantage of accessing the 10 world-class golf courses of Hua Hin, which is internationally renowned as a golf destination as well.

The future of Hua Hin real estate looks bright. Due to the rising demand of Hua Hin real estate, new trends have developed. One of the most popular Thai property investment trends is to buy condominiums while the other other is of luxury villas. There are several condominium projects in the offing in Hua Hin and are waiting for prospective foreign owners. Interestingly, condominiums are drawing more foreign investment owing to the fact that they offer free hold status vis-à-vis villas, which can be leased for a 30-year period only. Nevertheless, both villas and condominiums are excellent investment choices, especially in Hua Hin.


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